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Posted by Maureen Giuliano on 1/4/2019

Each year professionals in creative trades wait with bated breath for the color of the year to be announced. This announcement, much like the groundhog's shadow, is looked to as a prediction of the design landscape ahead. But unlike the shadow, these decisions truly affect what the future holds.

So if you're tired of millennial pink, burgundy or turquoise, all who have held the title of Color of the Year 2018 has a fresh palette for you. And this year is a palette that really pops.

Pantone’s Color of the year - Ultraviolet; a blue-based purple

Ultraviolet steps onto the scene to shake things up. Living up to its namesake this is a vivid color that will turn heads.

Dip your toes into this trend by using it as an accent. Think throw pillows, curtains or even an armchair. Or make a more bold statement with an accent wall or luxe velvet couch in the hue.

Paired with grays and blacks ultraviolet amps up the drama creating a rich, esoteric room. Alternatively, brighten up the mood by pairing it with light shades of purple, blue and pink to tone down the hue and create a more peaceful, homey effect

Benjamin Moore - Caliente; Rich, almost velvety red

Caliente is another choice this year that brings the heat (pun intended). This color is sure to bring energy and warmth to enliven any space.

When paired with crisp white baseboards and curtains it feels luxe and refined. While painted onto shiplap it adds an updated touch to the traditional country home.

Caliente pairs well with natural and peach tones which you may find you already have plenty of in your current decor from past trends.

Glidden - Deep onyx; classic black

Glidden’s choice of deep onyx might just surprise you. While it’s most likely to be the last choice for most when paired with shades of gray and white it feels classic and chic.

This color really shines in a room with plenty of natural light by adding balance to an otherwise monochromatic style. Of course, you can always use deep onyx as an accent color but chances are you already have. Think big picture and you’ll see exactly why it topped Glidden’s list.

Sherwin Williams - Oceanside; sea-blue with green undertones

This beautiful jewel tone takes center stage when paired with a deep navy, denim blue, or even a bright fuschia pop. If you’re looking for ambiance, taupes, light grays and light blues team up with Oceanside to create a soothing spa-like retreat.

A bit of a chameleon in a room with little light will this shade deepens for a moody, reflective feel. Yet it brightens up in a room with plenty of natural light bringing out it’s more energetic quality.

Behr - In The Moment; a blue-green pine

Calm and refreshing, when paired with crisp whites and neutral tones In The Moment leaves your home feeling like a sanctuary

Behr’s choice is by far the most “safe” color this year that many homeowners won’t feel as shy to reach for.

In The Moment, inspired by mindfulness, is the perfect addition to the Scandinavian inspired decor trend we’ve seen cropping up everywhere.

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